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Categorizing  things is hard for me. Where some specific box seems appropriate, I struggle and get lost in nuance. Is a landscape image not a nature photo? Is there not A diverse landscape with int eh intimacy of a coral fungus growing out of a carpet of moss? What of the layers of landscape that lives within an Urban-scape? Why put Durango in its own place when really its elements of Landscape, Nature, and Urban?

I don't have answers to these philosophical questions, but I have thoughts. I have separated these categories out to best distinguish them as a viewer may imagine them. Landscapes contains vast, large subjects like the Grand Canyon. Nature hosts galleries with intimate subjects like wildflowers. Durango gets its own distinguished page because I love the diversity that exists in my town and wish to capture it in its own gallery. Urban focuses on true city-scapes as subject matter. Mountain Sports emphasizes the things mountain town folk tend to call fun and lastly Natural Resource Management is a science and natural resource show and tell gallery. 

Please see my Store for ordering prints. Multiple price options and materials to fit your sizing and budget needs. 90% of markup from print cost is donated to local and regional non-profits of your choosing. 

My hope is these categories intrigue you to explore photos that may not fit the mold of what you were looking for, while also allowing you to easily navigate to the most likely "box" that will contain what you desire. While such desire seems lofty, I hope it was effective and you enjoy my work in sharing story of place. 

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