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Payment information will be requested after you fill out the above form and prior to sending the print to my printer. I accept Venmo, PayPal, or you can mail a check.

If you want a size or material not listed, use the above form and add any needed details in the comments section.

All purchases result in a donation and you will receive confirmation of the donation once it is made. 

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~ Order Prints ~

As a photographer, the two most exciting pieces of making photos are 1) seeing final prints of the photograph and 2) sharing my love for place with other people. Capturing moments in the world inspires me to look close and pay attention, to share stories, complexities and experience. Photography then ends up being impactful in a couple of different ways. For one, I can frame ecological phenomena to share science stories and concepts and bring science to a photograph. Framing of such phenomena also helps share how I see the world through relationships in my compositions. Similarly, by sharing my view I feel photography can help express and convey the love and passion for place. This helps people emotionally relate to the photograph, the place, and the complexities of Landscapes, Nature, Urban environments, the town I call home (Durango) and beyond. 

For the reasons described above, I have no desire to 'make money' on photography by 'selling' my prints. But, I am always thrilled to see a print and would love to be able to put small amounts of money towards continual maintenance of my website and photography equipment. I would also love to share stories with prints, especially if a photograph I took speaks to someone else. 

As a result, the galleries I am hosting on this website contain far more than my best fine art photographs. They contain all the photographs that excite me from my gallery. Additionally, markup on prints can make purchasing photography expensive. My solution to such realities is to charge Print Cost + 100%. I will put 10% of the markup towards my photography gear and donate 90% to the non-profits listed below. Price varies based on size and print surface and I am willing to work with you on what best suites your needs. 


Price ranges for prints (Photo paper Mounted on Foam Board - Metal or Gallery Wrap).

Canvas and other styles also available

Rough prices: 11x14" - $40-$100

16x24" - $60-$290

20x30" - $100-$360

+$20 flat rate shipping (waived for in person deliveries)

All prints will be signed and come with a hand written title and description.

Additional sizes and print materials available, use the form below to request a print. 



Product Order Form


Let me know how I can help make you a print!

Thanks for your order!

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