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~ Durango

Why even have a separate gallery for Durango? What invoked such an idea was the concept of home. Durango is Home. I wanted to share how I see my home through my lens. How I explore the places I can get to by foot or bicycle. The areas that are within 10 miles of my house. In part, this was inspired by 32 days of 'Stay at Home' orders by the Governor of Colorado during the global COVID-19 pandemic, the perfect excuse to explore home with the lens out. 

Another huge piece of inspiration for this gallery was the connection of Durango between the deserts of the Colorado Plateau as its sandstone and limestone rocks tilt towards the volcanic San Juan Mountains. It was the thought of how part of living in Durango is the fluid gradient from a Urban environment to a Natural one. It was realizing that living here means having some of the best access to Mountain Sports while also providing access to one of the best outdoor laboratories for Environmental Research imaginable. Really, Durango brings together a lot of my values and the themes expressed on this online gallery, so Durango gets its own galley. 

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