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I am a student to mentoring and see my role in the classroom as a mentor. I use a variety of pedagogical philosophies to create hands-on and student-led learning. I have taught at Non-tribal Native American serving and Latino serving institutions. My current home institution, New Mexico Highlands University, is home to a diverse student body and values inclusive teaching. 



Below please find links to example syllabi, activities, and resources for sharing teaching ideas. Please reach out to me if you have any feedback or would like to further discuss teaching. 

Current Courses:

FORS 2010: Field and Saftey Practices

​FORS 4100: Forest Management

FORS 4160: Soil Science 

Previous Courses:

FORS 1010: Humans and Ecosystsms

FORS 4020: Silviculture

FORS 4240 : Pest Management

FORS 6200: Advance Topics: Theory of Ecology

BIO 106: Evolution and the Diversity of Life

BIO 125: Conservation Biology

BIO 250: Ecology of the Southwest

BIO 375: Field Methods in Ecology

BIO 427: Forest Ecology

BIO 496: Senior Seminar

BIO 497: Senior Thesis

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Mentoring our students starts before we enter the classroom. Our syllabi are our student's first interaction with our course and a foundation guiding document. The syllabus sets a cultural value and makes information accessible to students. 



Our time spent in classrooms is a great time for intentional learning through a variety of activities. On this page I have included some example activities and ideas for how to create an interactive environment. 



In truth, all my ideas are borrowed from resources, academic papers and books, that have been written on these topics. I encourage anyone to loook into these resources to be inspired on how to teach in the modern era. 

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