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A drawing of mountains

Michael Remke

Photography,  Writing,




A drawing of fungi growing out of soil

Landscapes are layered and complex. They are intertwined with the geology and ecology to create infinite unique landforms, vast and intimate. 

Through photography, writing, and ecological research I explore my fascinations with landscapes. I am enamored with the story of place, and these tools of expression help me relate to their destructive beauty and toxic power. 

My photography explores the world from lichens and wildflowers to vast landscapes while my writing explores themes related to love, ecology, and society. Lastly, my research varies in scope, from understanding how climate change influences plants and their mycorrhizal symbionts to how communities can be more resilient to natural ecosystem disturbances. Not sure what mycorrhizal symbionts are? Be sure to check out my research page to learn more!

Thanks for visiting my page! Feel free to scroll through the website and contact me if you have any questions, would like to collaborate, or want to order a print. 

The San Juan Mountains and Southwest Colorado are the ancestral lands of the Nuchu (Ute), Apache, Pueblos, Hopi, Zine, and Diné peoples. These people have lived and continue to live on these sacred lands as vibrant and strong peoples.

Michael Remke Photography is based out of SW Colorado, headquartered in Durango. Sales from photography support various non-profits in the broader landscapes of the Colorado Plateau including Mountain Studies Institute, Grand Canyon Trust, Science Moab, Quivira Coliation, Diné C.A.R.E. and many others.

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