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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Remke M, Korb J, Steltzer H. 2010. Plant Community Responses to the coupled effects of dust on snow and warming in alpine environments, Southwestern Colorado. 

Lekberg Y, Bever JD, Bunn RA, Callaway RM, Hart MM, Kivlin SN, Klironomos J, Larkin BG, Maron JL, Reinhart KO, et al. 2018. Relative importance of competition and plant–soil feedback, their synergy, context dependency and implications for coexistence. Ecology Letters 21: 1268–1281.

Remke MJ, Hoang T, Kolb T, Gehring C, Johnson NC, Bowker MA. 2020. Familiar soil conditions help Pinus ponderosa seedlings cope with warming and drying climate. Journal of Restoration Ecology : 1–11.

Uhey DA, Hofstetter RW, Haubensak KA, Remke M, Vissa S. 2020. Climate and vegetation structure shape ant communities along elevational gradients on the Colorado Plateau. Ecology and Evolution : 1–10.

Remke, M. J., Johnson, N. C., Wright, J., Williamson, M., & Bowker, M. A. (2020). Sympatric pairings of dryland grass populations, mycorrhizal fungi, and associated soil biota enhance mutualism and ameliorate drought stress. Journal of Ecology, June, 1–14.

Remke MJ, Chambers ME, Tuten M, Pelz KA. 2021. The Status of Our Knowledge and Management Implications Mixed Conifer Forests in the San Juan Mountain Region of Colorado , USA : December 2021.

Remke MJ, Johnson NC, Bowker MA. 2022. Sympatric soil biota mitigate a warmer‐drier climate for Bouteloua gracilis. Global Change Biology.

Janoušková, M., Remke, M., Johnson, N.C., Blažková, A., Rydlová, J., Kolaříková, Z., et al. (2023). Transferred communities of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal persist in novel climates and soils. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 187, 109190.

Young, M., Remke, M. & Korb, J. (2024). The Interacting Influence of Fire and Tree Characteristics on Douglas-Fir Beetle Host-Tree Selection Five Years Post. Fire, 7, 64.

Free-lance Writing Publications

High Elevation Forests: The important role trees play in backcountry skiing. Adventure Pro, Outdoor Vitals. Issue 17, Winter 2021

Seasons of Change: How spring represents a new time in our high elevation forests. Adventure Pro, Outdoor Vitals, Issue 18, Spring 2021. 

Shapped by Flames: How fire has molded our foresrts. Adventure Pro, Outdoor Vitals, Issue 19, Summer 2021. 

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