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When a Mountain's Heart Breaks


In the most literal sense, mountains tower above us. In a more figurative sense, their strength and beauty can be felt from dozens to hundreds of miles away. Peaks become symbols to us, their permanence seems comforting their summits represent the top of hardships; their seemingly everlasting peace brings tranquility to out restless minds. We seem to relate more to the restless movement of rivers, anxious to go somewhere with nothing but time to get us there. Thus, the contrast and mystery of the stillness of mountains intrigues us and lures us to their majesty. The wisdom held in the high peaks slows our racing minds and marries us to our surroundings. Mountains are a pure and beautiful expression of the intimate love of the Earth. The love of a mountain is awareness and connection to the integral forces of its existence. As mountains chip away and are carried to the sea as bits and pieces of their original form, their existence is scattered across the land bringing physical fruition to their everlasting and limitless love. The slow removal of the mountain is so subtle that humans rarely notice their dynamic nature and existence. It is this disillusion that the mountains possess some form of stability that allows us to find peace in their everlasting beauty and faith in the pleasures of their gorgeous power. We often define beauty as the seemingly infinite state of something positive, be it the beautiful mountains or canyons. What happens then if change ripples through the once perceived stable situation? What stands in the wake of the havoc?


​Indeed, all mountains have experienced at least one, most many, tragic events of brute devastation. From the rapid brutality to the slow but persistent assault that comes from the density of water, frozen but moving. All mountains experience the wild force of Earth’s divine, consistent energy. These moments of obliterate force are actually the quintessential junctures of creation. This is the manifestation of heart break in the mountains. Heartbreak does not liquidate the mountains sending them cascading to the seas in their rivers, heartbreak spawns beauty into the mountains. Heartbreak in the mountains has the potential to denudate the physical structure of a mountain, clearly life altering. Such transformations are inevitable and put together the riveting story of love that exists in the mountains. This is a classic example of how beauty does not arise from everlasting peace; instead beauty is best symbolized as a Phoenix. Beauty in the mountains rises from the ashes of chaos, grows from the stillness of ice and evolves in the trail of power. In this light, heartbreak is the core of the mountain’s beauty, when we gaze into the soul of the mountain we learn of the mountain’s persistent growth through the most devastating forces to stand tall in pure beauty. Without heartbreak in the mountains, the serenity of their beauty is missing and the peaks themselves would stand uprooted.


This extends well beyond the mountains, indeed, looking to all facets of Earth’s soul reveal stories of metamorphic growth following heartbreak. Canyons rest quietly with serene pools of water until occasional floods rip the basement rock deeper and deeper. Forests too consistently grow taller and thicker until fire ravages their progress and gives rise to the next forest. No green lives without the threat of yellow flames, and all that is green grows from death. The seas gently lap against shorelines, kissing land with gentle sentiments of love, until the Earth shakes or storms stir the pot, bringing the seas to eat away at coast lines, swallowing the land whole. The resulting cliff lines entrance us with their beauty as the seas return to kiss land with intimacy again. The Earth grows from heartbreak, all facets of the soul of the world aim to be the most beautiful possible, through devastation and peace. When a mountain’s heartbreaks, the allure of the mountain glows bright as the mountain experiences revelation and embraces the force of Earth’s raw beauty. These are the moments of the greatest growth in the mountains. They literally are erected in these moments, and their souls build into the stunning expressions of love we admire. This growth is the model humans should adopt for their own souls, learning that beauty is not the product of idyllic peace but rather summation of heartbreak and peace. When a mountain loves, it stands tall connected and aware to all. When a mountain’s heartbreaks, beauty arises.

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